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• Before registering, make sure you're well aware of the plot. And have read the rules. Be informed, thanks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. But if you haven't read anything at all, it just makes the admins kind of upset. We've worked hard on both the plot and these rules, and they're meant to be read.

• Proper punctuation is key when it comes to threading. It doesn't matter about journals/texting/aim, but when your character is threading, they must speak with correct grammar.

• All threads will be done in third person. Everything else is first person.

• Your character must update their journal every two weeks. Activity is key, and we will say something to you if you fail to do this. Also, everybody must comment on other journals, to get interaction flowing.

• As we all know, god-modding is the universal cry for BAN ME! Seriously, don't do it. And if anyone doesn't know what god-modding is (please tell me you do know what it is) message one of the admins and we'll be more then pleased to explain it to you. The bottom line: you can't control other people's actions. You are not God, so don't play his role. That is that, thanks.

• Admins reserve the right to reject any possible play-bys or abilites of a character. Scene kids will not be accepted, nor will myspace celebrities or unknowns.

• Perfectionism is a big no-no. Really, how many people do you know that are 100% perfect? Attractive, loved by everyone, smart, kind, generous, the likes? Exactly, no one. We aren't robots, and your characters aren't either. They should be flawed, they should be able to throw temper tantrums and get into fights. People are fake, people fight. Don't make your character a mary-sue or a gary-stu.

• Remember: your character is young. Their powers begin evolving around the time they hit puberty, so they certainly won't be in full control of their abilities, so don't try and make it as if your character knows exactly how to control their ability and everything about it. The younger they are, the less control and the less that they know about it, and the older the are, the more control they have and knowledge about their ability. Teacher's Assistants are a different story – they were previous students of Segreto Academy, and have the most control and knowledge about their ability.

• Your character cannot kill anyone, nor can they be killed off. We're pretty lenient here, but if you want something drastic to happen in your character's life, it would be best to IM an admin and consult them. Pregnancies, marriages, anything like that needs to be approved.

• You must set all journals to the default comment page. Let one of the admins know if you're not sure how to do this.

• Last put not least, have fun! thanks for joining the site!
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