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Hey there...?! Well, first things first, since I don't know your name, tell me some things about it!

"First character reply here. Anything about your name. What are your nicknames? Do you like your name? The full name is..? And why are you named that way? Do you have anything specific you would rather be called by? Names that you hate to be called by? Anything to do with your name, your character can say it."

How old are you? When's your birthday? What grade does that put you in?

Grade here (or Teacher's Assistant)

"First character reply here. Like your age? How old? When were you born? Do you like your birthday? How were your past birthdays?"

That's interesting. What about your looks? Like them? Don't? What's up on that side?

"First character reply here. Anything about your character's outer appearance. Do they think they are the hottest person on earth? Or do they think they are actually an alien from mars? Height, weight, eyes, hair, body type, lips, nose.. anything basically!"

You're gorgeous though, let me tell you that. So, tell me about you. Your inner side. The personality!

"First character reply here. What's their personality? Don't stick to the cliche sweet, adorable, whatever mary sues. Don't stick to the snobby, bitchy mary sues either. Use some interesting things to explain their personalities! Are they extremely awkward at times? Have a hard time starting conversations? Paranoid? Their personality here."

You sound nice, really! Where are you from, though? What happened back then, before you were admitted to Segreto Academy for the Gifted?

"First character reply here. This is basically the history. What did they do before they enrolled in Segreto?"

Speaking of, tell us all about your ability. It was what got you into this school, after all. What can you do? How did you find out about it?

Official name of ability here.

"First character reply here. Explain your ability. Remember, no multiple abilities, and make sure there aren't a bunch of people with your ability. How does your character feel about their ability? What about their family? Or do their family even know? How do they feel about the school?"

Here, just state how long that they have been enrolled in Segreto, or if this is their first year.

What about your family? Who are your parents? Do you have any siblings? What's your relationships with them?

"First character reply here. The family! Do you like them? who are your 'rents, do you have any annoying little brothers or sisters? Or do you actually like them? Where are they off to now? What happened to them?"

Community Roleplay Sample:

Your character has just gotten to Segreto, and runs into (literally or figuratively) an attractive member of the opposite sex. Third person.

Journal Sample:

First person character journal sample.

Your name: answer here.
Your age: answer here
How did you find us?: answer here
Contact information: AIM please!

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