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The role-play takes place at Segreto Academy for the Gifted, located about 60 miles northwest of Windsor Locks in Connecticut. The location of the school has been nestled into the undeveloped land of Connecticut, making it very difficult, if not near impossible, for non-students to locate. Students can visit the town of Windsor Locks on a regular basis, given that they have transportation. Some juniors and seniors have their own cars that the school allows them to keep for trips off campus. Anybody who is not either a person with special abilities or their immediate family (if that) do not know about Segreto Academy or that there are people who can do unthinkable things among them. It's a secret, and one of the biggest rules of Segreto is to keep it that way.

This community contains various forms of roleplaying to keep the interaction up.

1. Community Threading.

Community threading is the actual live action interaction that a character has with another character or multiple other characters, putting them in a current situation with action and with dialogue. It takes place at lcbd_rp. All threads are done in third person here, and must maintain proper grammar throughout, and should have the proper format. Once the first poster posts the thread, the second poster replies to that thread, and then so on and so forth. The first poster of the thread formats it as such:


[lj-cut text="info here"]The actual thread is written below, placed under a cut. The cut link text can be lyrics from a song, something witty pertaining to the characters in the thread, anything, really. To make a cut, use the cut text before and after this section, but replace the brackets with < >.[/lj-cut]

Threads can be posted either with a set person to reply to them, or it can be an open thread, and anyone can reply to that. Members should tag their thread with the names of the characters, or anything pertaining. (ie. Character one, Character two, Character relationship name if applicable, graphic if applicable, and either complete or abandoned if applicable). In threads, characters can be anywhere – on campus, off campus, or in an entirely different location, as long as it's relatable to the thread and you explain within how they got there. There's no word count required, but you must have at least a paragraph, with substance, to give the others threading with you something to work off of.

2. Journal Interaction.

When you are accepted to the community, you are required to create a journal with your characters full first name and full last name, no nicknames or deviations. This is supposed to be a requirement of the school, similar to university student emails. These journals are something that the character uses like their own personal blog – however, they have the option to leave private sections to other characters, or that only themselves can read. To do this, simply put the text under a cut and title them to whoever the section is meant for.

Characters are required to update their journal once every two weeks. They can update more frequently if they want. Admins are going to be pretty lenient about updates, but once you hit the three or four week marker, we will get on your case about it. The journals are supposed to be anything that your character would post, but please try and make them as interaction-inducing as possible. Other characters are required to reply to journals as frequently as possible, to keep up interaction. If the reply is meant to be private, please indicate that either in the subject section (for the entire reply to be private), or above the private section if half of the reply is to be seen publicly and half is to be seen in private.

3. AIM Interaction.

Another requirement of the community is to create an AIM screen-name for your character. You must have a separate account for your personal aim and your character aim. To link these accounts so that you can have all of your accounts on at the same time, head over to aim settings and click linked screen names. You must enter the screen-name you desire to link and the password. Once the screen-name is linked, you usually have to restart your computer for it to show up as linked (different computers may have different options).

AIM is a good way for good way for quick character interaction. Once a conversation is complete, if it is relevant in any way, copy and paste the conversation into a new entry in the aim community (lcbd_aim), behind a cut text. The cut text description should have a brief synopsis of the conversation. The aim threads will be combined and tagged on a regular basis, so you don't need to worry about that. IMPORTANT: when posting the conversation, make sure that the formatting is set in html, not rich text.

4. Texting Interaction.

This is yet another way of interaction between characters in this community. The way for two characters to text is simple. In the lcbd_text, start a new thread and put the recipients of the text in the subject line. The contents of the text message does not have to be under a cut. Whoever your character is texting will then reply to that thread, and the texting goes on from there. Remember, this is texting, so don't send novels.
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