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Once you have been approved, you must do a specific list of things before you get started.

1. Make your character's journal. Remember, their journal must be their first and last names. No nicknames, no numbers, just their first and last names.

2. Once that's done, you must add all of the characters (which can be found on camrynchabert) as well as lcbd_admin.

An easier way to do this is to go here, copy & paste everything from the text area below into the form, and press execute. It adds the friends automatically for you.

3. Create a personal aim for your character, and add all of the characters from this list. Unlike the username, aim can be anything you want it to be. If you need help linking usernames, contact an admin.

4. Create a post in the plotting community introducing yourself and telling everybody a little bit about your character that would be vital to getting to know them. Here's where you'll meet everyone, break the ice, and start plotting.

5. Keep in mind: your character does not JUST arrive at the school once you join the community. School started in mid-august, and this community is set in current time. Your character has been at the school since the school year started (or years before). That way, relationships are more easily established. Maybe they hung out in the backgrounds and observed some of their peers, and is just now becoming their friends. Maybe they had history with other members (if you want this to be the case, you should discuss this with the players). If you want your character to be brand new, you MUST discuss it with an admin, and you must have a reason and an explanation for them to be arriving into the school so late.
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